Our Services


Based on the information provided by the client, advisors at Altus Wealth Management LLC will do our best to ensure that we are in step with all of your needs from the very first interview. We start by taking a comprehensive inventory of your current financial status by reviewing your:

 - Retirement, investment, real estate,  or personal assets

 - Business assets

 - Personal or business liabilities

 - Monthly budget and cash flow requirements

 - Current and future income expectations

 - Current and future income tax projections

 - Life, disability and long-term care policies

 - Wills and trusts


Retirement Planning

 - Creating retirement account value projections

 - Determing proper IRA selections

 - Creating distribution strategies to help improve retirement savings

 - Projecting future income needs at retirement


Investment Planning

 - Determining risk tolerance

 - Analyzing current investment portfolio allocations and reasonable rates-of-return

 - Monitoring investment portfolios


Income Tax Planning1

 - Projecting current and future income tax liability

 - Creating current and future tax deferral

-  Tax reduction strategies



Cash Flow Analysis

 - Identifying income sources and projecting future income requirements

 - Projecting current and future debt service requirements

 - Implementing strategies to improve monthly cash flow


1 Altus Wealth Management LLC. does not render tax, accounting or legal advice.  Be sure to consult with a qualified tax, accounting, or legal professional regarding the best options for your particular circumstances.